Tuesday, September 18, 2007

E-commerce with The Hindu

E-commerce industry is booming in India at a great pace, with print Advertising as a support is a great boon. The Hindu has tapped the market with a tie-up with, The products would be from but the marketing would be from The Hindu print Ads where The Hindu will get a commision on selling the products from thier own site. This is very similar concept of outsourcing the work process.

when an order is generated through, it would be directed to for delivery and The Hindy will earn a commision on the sale. This is a brilliant idea with very less work for Hindu to do for products and supply. They are using the print advertising as a major marketing tool to promote thier website. The brand name of Indiaplaza will also increase as well as The hindu. Regular innovations from The Hindu is making them more porpular. Currently they are not only into print industry but diversified into online and mobile. They are doing an excellent job.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Google's New Plan for Revenue

Google has always been one to go against the wind. When the rest of the world was setting 2MB or 5MB storage limits on their email services, Google went out and launched Gmail with 1GB of storage. Later, it made the account seemingly unlimited with a counter on the Gmail home page that showed storage increasing by the second.

And now that major email service providers are offering unlimited storage to their users, Google has served up a turnaround and announced that it will charge users for storage beyond a limit. Ryan Aquino, software QA engineer lead, Picasa Web Albums, wrote on the Official Google Blog a few days ago that beyond the free storage limit of 2.8GB for Gmail and 1GB for Picasa Web Albums, users will be charged from $20 a year for 6GB, going up to $500 for 250GB.

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